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Meet Sokhary

Sokhary Chau is a current Lowell City Councilor, the first mayor of color in Lowell’s history, and the first Cambodian-American Mayor in the United States. 

Sokhary came to the U.S. in 1981 with his mother and six siblings after his father, a Captain in the Cambodian Army, was executed by the Khmer Rouge at the outset of the Cambodian Civil War. As a young man, he attended Lowell Public Schools and Phillips Academy Andover before receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Macalester College. After graduating, Sokhary married the love of his life, Somong, and they have two sons, Matthew and Phillip. 

Sokhary co-founded ABC Financial Network LLP., and later opened Merrimack Mortgage Company net-branch, helping hundreds of families achieve the dream of home ownership.  After more than two decades of a successful career in real estate finance, and the legal field, Sokhary turned his attention towards public service.  As a City Councilor and Mayor of Lowell, he worked with stakeholders across the political and socio-economic spectrum to champion policies to bolster community and economic development, environmental stewardship, and inclusive, high-quality education. 

As the next Register of Deeds for Middlesex North, Sokhary will leverage his experience working with local, state, and federal governments to secure new funding streams to expand the Registry, improve accessibility, and provide world-class constituent services for all residents.


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