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Hi, I'm Sokhary Chau


Sokhary Chau is a father, husband, Cambodian refugee, public safety professional, and community activist who has served on the Lowell City Council since 2019.  He is currently running for re-election as City Councilor.

Sokhary and his wife, Somong, reside in the Highlands Neighborhood with their two sons, Philip (18) and Matthew (15). A “hands-on” working Mayor, Sokhary made history when he was elected among his peer Councilors to be the first Cambodian American Mayor in the United States in January 2022. Known for his constituent services and uniting people around the priorities of the City, Sokhary also serves as the Chair of the School Committee. 

As a former small business owner, he has a deep commitment to the struggles of the City’s neighborhoods, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. He is working diligently to bring diversity, equity of opportunity, and transparency to the government and administration of the City.

Major priorities include:

  • Completing the City’s new High School construction

  • City subsidy of small businesses and neighborhoods

  • Environmental cleanup of waterways and City open space

  • Protection from gun and other violence in the neighborhoods

  • Social justice in providing all City services

  • Diversifying the City workforce to reflect the City demographics

  • Transparency in City meetings and contracts

  • Tax relief for Senior Residents

  • Neighborhood stability and resident input

  • Creating new subsidized and workforce housing


 A very hard working Mayor, Sokhary's presence is well known throughout the City. Your generous support through your donations for his City priorities and goals is appreciated! Thank you.



Equality Meets Opportunity

  • Fair and Equitable Distribution American Rescued Plan Act - $70 Million to diverse neighborhoods of Lowell.

  • Clean parks and streets from needles and trash

  • Protect and honor veteran monuments

  • Support small businesses and economic development

  • Keep neighborhoods safe from gun violence

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