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Improving Transparency

As the go-to resource for homeowners, municipalities, real estate professionals, attorneys and mortgage lenders, Sokhary will make Registry operations as open to the public as possible. He will work tirelessly to ensure effective communication with the public, increase awareness of the Registry’s services, and work with community stakeholders to create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration between the Registry and those it serves. 

Increasing Accessibility

Sokhary is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and accessibility at the Registry. Under his leadership, the Registry will be a resource for everyone, regardless of income, race, or the language they speak. During his time as a City Councilor and Mayor, Sokhary has proven to be an effective advocate for countless groups of people. As Register of Deeds, he will continue these efforts to make sure that the Registry and its services are a reflection of the communities it serves.

Leveraging Funding Opportunities & Expanding Services

Sokhary’s experience working with local, state, and elected officials makes him uniquely suited to help the Registry compete for additional funding to expand and streamline services. As Register, Sokhary will build onthe immense progress made by current Register Richard Howe Jr. and will leverage additional funding to support a diverse workforce and suite of services that best serves the region and everyone who calls it home.

Constituent Services

Top notch constituent services have been a staple of Sokhary’s career as a public official. As Register, Sokhary will continue this tradition, prioritizing consistent, timely, and open communication with residents. Sokhary will work hard to engage residents on the services the Registry provides, provide outreach across the Registry’s 10 communities, and leverage new funding opportunities to grow the Registry’s footprint across the region.

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