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About Me

I am Sokhary Chau (D-MA), a loyal Democrat, and a candidate for the Middlesex North Register of Deeds. As an elected official, I have served as the first Cambodian American Mayor elected in the United States - where I still serve as a member of the Lowell City Council. I consider serving in public office a tremendous honor and a high responsibility for transparency and public trust. I am asking for your vote on September 2nd.

As a child, I escaped with my family from the Killing Fields of Cambodia, where the Communists executed my father because he was a member of the military defending our home. As the youngest of seven children, my mother guided us through the jungle to a Thailand refugee camp and then with the long trip to the United States where we stayed in a convent for two years before coming to Lowell. Life is precious, and my mother was the strongest woman I know for getting family to safety. The genocide we fled killed over a half (1.5 million) of our country’s population in 15 months. We then came to the Gateway City of Lowell when I was 7 years old. I attended the Lowell School systems, Philips Andover Academy for high school, and Macalister College for my degree. 

Now I reside with my wife, Somong, and my two sons in the City of Lowell. My story is the immigrant story. It is the story of coming to America for safety and opportunity. My family and I are fortunate to have been granted both!!!  God Bless America is truly a heartfelt phrase to me!!

Now, I am reaching out to let you know I am announcing my candidacy for the position of Register of Deeds for the Middlesex North Registry. Richard Howe, the present Register is retiring. I am asking for your help to carry the progress for this critical position forward to safeguard your most important documents – your home, your property and your largest family assets. You have worked hard all your life to build your future – no one should have the chance to steal it from you and your loved ones.


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